Meda? Who’s that?

Meda International define, design and deliver cross-channel customer experiences that span both physical and digital worlds.

We specialise in:
–  Customer Experience Design
–  Retail Planning
–  Dealership Design
–  In-store Communications
–  People Development
–  Architecture
–  Construction Services.

Whether we work with you on the whole, or just one aspect of your customer experience, the advantage is we understand how it all connects. We’ve worked for many different brands in a broad range of sectors including Retail, FMCG, Professional Services, Technology, Construction & Finance, but our main focus has always been Automotive.

Our team has been behind some of the most memorable developments in the industry and, having worked with more than 30 top brands in the sector over the last 25 years, you could say we lead the field in automotive retail experiences.

Our agency’s remit for our clients spans from global, to pan-European and dealing with regional country-specific challenges. Some of us come from client-side careers with manufacturers, groups and dealers, with experience in business management, marketing, training, operational roles and major investment projects.

In short, because we’re fully immersed in the automotive sector, we absolutely understand the industry issues and trends, making us uniquely well placed to deliver the right solutions

Kind regards,

Mike Taylor, Director
M. +44 (0)7768 811 198

James Baines , Director
M. +44 (0)7810 850 086

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