Being of a certain age, I’m pretty sure the reason this phrase has stuck in my memory is that I’m only a generation away from the original audience for it. The poster, issued by The Board of Trade in the UK over 80 years ago, seems to be when it was first coined (or at […]

I often assume that it’s difference (of opinion, position, whichever) that holds things back. It occurred to me the other day that it’s indifference that’s possibly the real enemy; an engine that seems to run quietly in the background, its gears grinding decision-making to a crawl with the result that good energy, intention and aims are sacrificed and so much indistinct […]

You probably know the feeling. You’ve been slogging away and reached a point in the project where you feel like you can take a breather before the next push. But some look like they’re not relaxing. They’re still apparently working at it. So what’s going on? Are they just being busy for the sake of […]

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a lot of the 1970’s about at the moment? Was taking a dip through the state of graphic design and from identity to packaging, my eye kept snagging on shades of 1973 which set me to wondering why it was – or, why am I ‘seeing’ that? […]

The other day, for reasons I hope are for the best, I was locked-out of LinkedIn. Something to do with the fact, I suspect, that I forgot my password (senior moments, I know.) As a result, my account was suspended pending “account recovery.” Which hopefully means it’ll be towed to somewhere safe and refurbished with […]

Today’s census news that in the UK (and apologies for the country-centricity here, but I can only only write from experience and the UK is where I’m based) there are more over-65’s than under-15’s now. Which is interesting for people (like us) who need to use language (visual and verbal) to get our ideas across […]

Was listening to The Digital Human on Radio 4, a discussion celebrating 10 years of the programme and reviewing the trajectory of the web’s development, from an ‘unregulated’ frontier to one now in the thrall of a few major corporations and driven by algorithms. And the particularly assiduous kind, sharpening the increasingly toxic nature of […]

When is someone else’s good idea just too good to resist? Bad artists borrow, good artists steal. Or is it the other way around? Or are the best artists the ones who use the right tools or learn to make better ones? Corvids are great. And great metaphors for how we approach our work. Where […]

Sometimes, particularly when I hit a quiet spell, I start to wonder about the value of much of the work we do in an agency, work which never sees the light of day. More especially, the wonder leads to the dilemma of worrying about our contributions going ‘unsung’. The old ‘if a tree falls in […]

Do we need More Things? I was reading an article by Paul Belford (who’s work you’ve probably seen millions of times and never realised it. As a designer for the ad industry for years and years and years he’s art-directed amazing work.) ‍Anyway, he was rambling (in an enjoyable way) about how new technology gets an easy […]