Ah, October, season of mellow missed meetings and fruit-less-ness.  Anyone that’s been around the block a bit will know that as sure as Spring/Summer trends predict Breton stripy tops, clients will gaze nonchalantly at gmail calendars and splutter ‘but we’ve 12 weeks’ to the booze-fuelled close down masquerading at a religious holiday – when it’s […]

Strange times provoke strange thoughts – not helped when the news is a constant barrage of mixed messages about how we’re all going to be doing economically in the next few years – and what’s bothering me is what kind of an economy are we going to be living through next? I’m asking myself this, […]

Every time it happens – and it’s rarer these days – I just want to grind my teeth. That moment when the client says, super-casual-like, ‘just have a play around with it.’ Because that’s really what we do, isn’t it? Creative work can be regarded as a kind of (semi) legitimised play, with crayons and […]

How’re you holding up? Trouble concentrating? Me too.  There’s a Czech word for that – litost.  The author Milan Kundera caught it – “a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery.” Ok, ok, so misery is maybe a bit strong (but not for many who really are in actual crisis) […]

Was reading a post about why designers quit their jobs and the the top three (totalling over 50% of the reasons given) were basically A. I don’t like the work, B. I can see a way of fixing that, because c. The culture here sucks. The pattern was predominant in specific areas of expertise, where […]

Had a walk around the famous (well, it is, sort of) Park Hill estate in Sheffield and up close you can understand why the rehabilitation of this maligned solution to post-war housing is such a success.  The superstructure is a designer’s dream of wonderful grids, cutaways and reveals, with the rescued concrete frame now a […]

Meda designed a revitalised head office for a leading automotive brand, resulting in a warm, welcoming set of spaces that facilitate hybrid working practices.

Yesterday, upon the stair,I met a man who wasn’t thereHe wasn’t there again todayI wish, I wish he’d go away… Antigonish [I met a man who wasn’t there] – Hughes Mearns Yesterday I didn’t write a post. I couldn’t find anywhere to even begin. Everything seemed to be ‘there’ but ‘not there’. Stories about things […]

Honestly, the rabbit-holes a single word can take you down. Like bits of grit in my eye (ear?), any unfamiliar coinage I find impossible to resist – especially when a word which begin life as a total fiction, somehow sticks (like ‘chortle’, or ‘meme’); and more especially when they attach themselves (well, find attachment) to […]

Or ’In praise of design’s own wriggly tin’ Round these parts, and especially in the rural-economy side of things, there are hundreds of buildings of all shapes and sizes composed for the greater part of wriggly tin (or corrugated iron sheeting to give it its more formal name.) The one in the feature image is […]