Have been reading a few things about the dreaded ‘a’ word (algorithms), in light of various SoMoBro’s rolling back promises on what they scrape from the encounters we have with its various products (backtracking on tracking if you like) and stumbled on a piece in the New Yorker on ‘Algorithmic anxiety’ (captured beautifully by one […]

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a job that demands you spend a good deal of time casting around for ideas isn’t really a job at all. You might as well be recompensed for daydreaming; it could easily be mistaken for a very similar vocation. But let me say right here, it’s really rather demanding. […]

The United Nations’ secretary general, António Guterres, writing yesterday said that “We have been extraordinarily lucky so far. But luck is not a strategy.” And where nuclear arms’ misunderstandings are concerned, I can’t think of more accurate assessment.  Don’t know about you, but I’ve left an awful lot to trust. It’s pretty much my default, well, er, […]

I missed posting yesterday after spending the weekend on a bicycle, with a camping stop between days (and Monday was a bit of a right-off {write-off?} as a result of all that physical effort.) Consequently my screen-time took a bit of a hit, for which I’d like to apologise now to all the tech co’s […]

I discovered today that the old Shakespearian chestnut “bounded in a nut shell” was rather prophetic, insofar as everything we rely on, computing-wise (so pretty much everything, then) runs on a thing called a kernel – the seed or nut in the real world – that is the little bit of programming that dictates how […]

For someone who’s supposed to draw for a living, I seem to spend a lot of time typing. Of course some people who type for a living make amazing things. Lines of code are amazing, I wish I could fathom it. And what some call typing others recognise as writing. I would put myself firmly […]

I’ve got to the point in my working life where reflections on things about this industry creep up on me. After all, it still comes as something of an astonishment that I can call myself a designer. It’s how I still make a living. So that must be what I am. Maybe it’s guilt. I […]

In ‘hold the front page’ news, the pundits on BBC Radio 4 offered that the race to choose this country’s next leader might well be decided by an electorate whose primary source of news – and so opinion – is still newspapers. That Fleet Street’s finest should be holding such sway will come as news […]

Seems like the UK is heading for more discomfort this summer, only this time rather than melting roads and rails, the heat will be on for whoever ends up leading (now, there’s an interesting way to frame the new incumbent’s role) this frazzled country as a Summer of Discontent looms large – and with it […]

Was rummaging around in the draws looking for a cable adapter, so as the screen could talk to the computer (or possible vice-versa) at the correct ratio and what I thought was box file full of usb-b-c-firewire-dongle-port-rgb spaghetti turned out to be a collection of the designer’s go-to inspiration – a stash (possibly a ‘deck’, […]