A notable feature of this year’s Geneva Motor Show was the proliferation of powertrain options. Plug-in petrol-electric hybrids, diesel-electric hybrids and plug-in diesel-electric hybrids joined ‘pure’ electric vehicles, cleaner diesels and the broadest-ever range of turbocharged petrol engines. Some manufacturers have even revised their naming conventions to reflect the abundance of engine and transmission types. […]

…more likely to steer drivers towards new models of ownership? Kandi Technologies is a company based in Hangzhou, China that wants to challenge the idea of traditional car ownership. In a country where air pollution is a serious environmental and health hazard, the company has created a giant vending machine that allows citizens to rent […]

From the Nautilus article, “Internal combustion is surviving by adapting”. Invented before the lightbulb (so what appeared above our heads when we had ideas, before bulbs?), the ‘heat engine’, while amazing inefficient, looks like hanging on until at least the middle of this Century – “It endures—and dominates—because it is so adaptable”. Here’s the article […]

Indeed, reading between the lines of this piece in Design Week, covering the re-emergence of consulting firms buying design companies (which means the recession must be over, I’ve not seen this kind of activity for at least 10 years, when consulting firms went buying digital agencies), why buy from a design company isn’t such a […]

Looking at the world through the lens of the Relationship Economy means a whole new way of seeing ‘connectedness’, as the ecology for design and the process by which we’ll come to understand new value drivers. Here’s a couple of examples of this ‘future in action’; Adidas Interactive Wall Intel Future of Retailing  

“Fulton Innovation displayed its eCoupled charging device that was able to wirelessly power a Tesla Roadster electric car. The vehicle’s underbody was fitted with an adapter and once the car is parked over an eCoupled-enabled induction pad, the device starts to wirelessly charge it, with a smartphone app monitoring its charging status.” This is great […]

EV’s and hybrids have moved to the forefront of the alternative energy movement, and may possibly become the future of everyday transportation. ECOtality recently unveiled Blink, a new line of electric vehicle chargers designed by frog that is creating a new icon for the rapidly growing EV market.

Courageous. Confident. Vital. No, not you, the colour of 2011. “A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it.” Apparently. Announcing the Color of the Year for […]

Always a good way to get the grey cells going  – start next year with some trend-surfing. Here’s an early kick-off, the digital backlash. “It seems that the supposedly modern “always on” way of living turns out to be increasingly perceived as socially awkward.” Will you put that phone down. Now. The digital backlash begins […]

Ok, so it’s not ‘new’ news but it’s still worth a look… Video: Hyundai shows off super slick Equus owners manual app for iPad — Autoblog.