Sparked by a post on a social media thread where you least likely find much that was meme-worthy*, @Rob Estreitinho had a nice graph illustrating the rise and fall of social sites ranked by the volume of the popular shortcut-to-the-heart-of-culture message, format, thing they emit. Knowing (well, hang on. Assuming) everyone knows what memes are, […]

You’ll like hear people, exasperatedly, exclaim that they’re ‘lost for words’. That the lexicon failed them. Which is a strange thing isn’t it? They just used… three words in a short phrase that perfectly captures a complex set of emotions. It’s a weird thing, to blame language for a failure to be able to communicate, […]

A long while back a bunch of studio’s in The London used to organise a weeknight booze-up and in an analogue anticipation of a billion WhatsApp groups, invitations would be sent to specific people. By fax. And ‘Bladdered By Fax’ became a pre-internet meme (sort of -ish.) The nostalgic memory rush that triggered this was […]

I’ve not come across the political science thing used to describe “…the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time” and called The Overton window. The coiner of the phrase (one Joseph Overton) had that all ideas in the political space success depended not on the politician’s belief they could […]

Have been reading a few things about the dreaded ‘a’ word (algorithms), in light of various SoMoBro’s rolling back promises on what they scrape from the encounters we have with its various products (backtracking on tracking if you like) and stumbled on a piece in the New Yorker on ‘Algorithmic anxiety’ (captured beautifully by one […]

I discovered today that the old Shakespearian chestnut “bounded in a nut shell” was rather prophetic, insofar as everything we rely on, computing-wise (so pretty much everything, then) runs on a thing called a kernel – the seed or nut in the real world – that is the little bit of programming that dictates how […]

Was rummaging around in the draws looking for a cable adapter, so as the screen could talk to the computer (or possible vice-versa) at the correct ratio and what I thought was box file full of usb-b-c-firewire-dongle-port-rgb spaghetti turned out to be a collection of the designer’s go-to inspiration – a stash (possibly a ‘deck’, […]

Quite where the odd words spring from that kick off a thread is a mystery to me. The just tend to appear when I’m doing mindless chores or really late at night (in which case I need to write them down – in case I forget. It must have been important, why else would it […]

Today’s musing was spurred on from reading an article at the weekend by Alex Hern (here – reviewing a new book (an interesting choice of channel to publish through) by Matthew Ball – The Metaverse: How It Will Revolutionize Everything. You likely know by now I’m not a fanboy of the platform – I’d […]

I’m going to shuffle out on limb here, and take a moment to ask when exactly we decided everything – from a reception lobby to an exhibition to any old corner of a field at an outdoor event – needed to be an ‘immersive experience’? Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to see (and […]