I missed posting yesterday after spending the weekend on a bicycle, with a camping stop between days (and Monday was a bit of a right-off {write-off?} as a result of all that physical effort.) Consequently my screen-time took a bit of a hit, for which I’d like to apologise now to all the tech co’s […]

The simply perfect ‘Building blocks Signage / Wayfinding’ by Australia’s Design by Toko which now owns playful where signage is concerned: The design is “based on children’s building blocks, for the East Sydney Early Learning and Community Centre featuring superb architecture by ABA.” Can’t think of a neater way of saying everything you’d ever want […]

Does any city really need more signage? Judging from Walk Your City, the answer appears to be ‘yes’ and for economic, environmental and health reasons. Not a bad ideal, but I’m not convinced that the application’s idea really stands up to scrutiny. Take a look at the system here Walk [Your City] The originators claim […]