71% of GX and Y’s would rather shop in a bricks-and-morter store than go online. Clearly that doesn’t mean they won’t shop online when it’s more convenient, but faced with an alternative to the dull ordinariness of mass retail, what would you rather? More importantly than that, is that these store experiences’ we’re seeking out […]

Just a commitment? Or is it possible it could really could make a difference – if it was actually delivered? For some retailers, the ‘golden age’ of motoring is a place worth revisiting. Is the delivery of your customer service ideal locked into a presentation, endless discussed, debated, cited and circulated – but condemned to […]

Looking at the world through the lens of the Relationship Economy means a whole new way of seeing ‘connectedness’, as the ecology for design and the process by which we’ll come to understand new value drivers. Here’s a couple of examples of this ‘future in action’; Adidas Interactive Wall Intel Future of Retailing  

…is also about knowing when to stop. “Our last project is about simplicity and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling.” Minimalist effect in the maximalist market ~ ANTREPO BLOG / A2591.

Recently showcased at Tokyo Pack 2010, the DNP and ZeroUnit’s series of AirZero digital signage units make use of 3D projection to create displays that float in the air. How does that work? And when can we have one?

    Spotted by Ian, a great idea… Hand-painted graphics for hand-crafted bakery – production by Glyphics.

    The design of Tokyo’s Sugamo Shinkin Bank offers a refreshingly different experience it would appear… http://www.emmanuelle.jp/03Architecture/20SugamoTokiwadai/SugamoTokiwadai_01e.html

A scientific fact that the sunny shades may be more powerful than ‘discount red’. Worth remembering. Really Magazine – SEP 10.