Spotted these via Dezeen, “a playful survey of private residential projects by Mobile Studio Architects over the past five years” and they’re quite superb. The proposals are all handmade at 1:100 scale, elevated above a highly stylised map of London narrated via a series of annotations. Each project tells a personal story by pointing out […]

Spotted this collection of matchbook covers, and apart from the gift of match-based metaphors, what struck me (sorry) was how valuable this very particular media opportunity used to be. Seeing as how so few people use or need matches now, the art of the matchbook cover has surprising parallels with many of our more usual […]

Stumbled on the work of Daniel Barreto and his stop-motion film Ignite, “an experimental short film animation that was made with hundreds of long exposure photographs, just as a timelapse or stopmotion.” Watch it here, it’s really neat.

I know. Sounds like predictive text wrote the headline, but this is the work of Japanese illustrator / animator Yoyo the Ricecorpse. It’s really neat, in a rather odd way.

…with apologies to Maurice Sendak. Stumbled across this gallery of arresting images by artist and photographer Peter Lippmann. Utterly wonderful.

…not exactly. Volvo, if you need another test-driver, I’m free… Test Drive

From Pentagram(my?), “The Gamechanger Rap: a plea for plain English. A four-verse entreaty to all agencies and execs who habitually assault the English language with their business buzzwords.” Tidy. Kick it

Is very much alive and well in neat work by photographer Freddy Fabris, setting a series of car mechanics as famous paintings. “A series of portraits of car mechanics in a repair shop, created with the look and feel of Renaissance paintings…” Here’s my favourite, based on The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt: Here’s the link […]

…you some much-needed perspective at this time of year. “Available in four “models” that are actually identical, the Bawx is $24.99 for Model 1.0 (advertised as a car, fort, plane, and train, among other things) and ranges up to $499.99 for Model 3.0 (a jail cell, recording studio, rocket, and castle).” All of the proceeds […]

For the first time, functional measures of the resting brain are providing new insights into network properties of the brain that are associated with IQ scores. In essence, they suggest that in smart people, distant areas of the brain communicate with each other more robustly than in less smart people. Idle Minds and What They […]