We’re in the process of refreshing our identity and our new card proofs just arrived… Rather pleased, it worked out well. More on the refresh as it happens.

…but in the interests of balance, worth a look! All Creative Work Is Derivative – The Denver Egotist. “hat idea you’re working on right there. Yeah, that one. Someone already did it”

“ECOtality North America will deploy nearly 15,000 charging stations in 16 cities located in six states (Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas) and the District of Columbia. Nissan North American and General Motors/Chevrolet are partners in The EV Project.” Suddenly (well, when the future finally arrives it always feels like that) EV turns the […]

5 trends that will shape the next few years of social media. I’m no fan of ‘5 of this’, ’10 steps of that’ but this is quite useful.

Business Blog / The Most Powerful Colors in the World by COLOURlovers :: COLOURlovers.

Google plans to launch a TV service to rival Apple. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6862HP20100907 Goodness. That doesn’t sound like BBC (or C4) vs. ITV. Ok, ok, it’s not but perhaps it should…

Here’s a thought. Bet you spot things when you’re walking around said to yourself “that’s nice/odd/interesting/, I wish I could share it”. Well now you can, under this new category – ‘Under your nose’. Stuff like this, for example…

Worth a browse… “Studied Impact Design is a multidisciplinary design house focused on the environmental impact of design. Through various projects in social practice artwork, architecture, new media, and graphic design, we call attention to issues of resource and energy conservation.” Studied Impact :: Robert Ferry + Elizabeth Monoian.

shop. called the ‘Inspiration Pad’ – If you’re in search of inspiration, this notepad might help.

Mmmm…. grain edit · modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource. And so good for you, to.