News from designboom of buratti architetti’s work for Alfa Romeo in Milan, leading on the connection between a new car showroom and the museum collection (via an arresting-looking red lift shaft) of the dealership’s owners,  Cozzi While there’s a interesting interior design story here, what’s perhaps more intriguing is the exterior. Considering the usual approach […]

“Storytelling vs selling: It’s time to start selling stuff properly again” Happy New Year. Ok, let’s kick things off with a little pot-stirring in an article by Leslie de Chernatony, on last year’s marketing go-to, storytelling and its contribution to brand (or business) building. de Chernatony’s argument is bluntly that “For the past few years […]

…and other platitudes. Despite all I read about the way big data is shaping a more informed marketing landscape, the contrary-ness of junk mail still makes me smile. Here’s one I just received this morning, as I’m apparently the right kind of ‘firstname’ for a service tailored to me. And of course with an ‘unsubscribe’ […]

Indeed, reading between the lines of this piece in Design Week, covering the re-emergence of consulting firms buying design companies (which means the recession must be over, I’ve not seen this kind of activity for at least 10 years, when consulting firms went buying digital agencies), why buy from a design company isn’t such a […]

In my local area, an Estate Agent (or Realtor, depending on your background) has undergone a re-badging exercise. Nothing much remarkable in that, except in my opinion, the staggeringly awful result of getting the wrong visual properties working for your products or services. Now, whenever I see their sale-boards on my local travels I grit […]