Given the pressures and demands pressing on the shape of automotive architecture (and we understand how numerous and determining they certainly are), a real debate about  ‘form’ is rarely one that crosses the table. While the state of the economy will most likely mean that’s not, realistically, going to change any time soon we shouldn’t […]

Most conversations around ‘visual property’, if you were engaging with a design practice would probably encompass visual themes or perhaps questions of ownership or copyright. If you were to ask an accountant about the the same, you probably wouldn’t expect to find the inspiration you were searching for, or to help you make important decisions […]

In my local area, an Estate Agent (or Realtor, depending on your background) has undergone a re-badging exercise. Nothing much remarkable in that, except in my opinion, the staggeringly awful result of getting the wrong visual properties working for your products or services. Now, whenever I see their sale-boards on my local travels I grit […]