Stumbled on this, really neat and rather useful interpretation and presentation – take a look through and tell me how you feel… The Ekmans’ Atlas of Emotions

News from designboom of buratti architetti’s work for Alfa Romeo in Milan, leading on the connection between a new car showroom and the museum collection (via an arresting-looking red lift shaft) of the dealership’s owners,  Cozzi While there’s a interesting interior design story here, what’s perhaps more intriguing is the exterior. Considering the usual approach […]

It’s great fun to speculate on the future of this or that, and let’s face it, no-one ever got famous (or in the case of those usually engaged in the daily grind of business, tried to generate sales) saying thing’s would broadly stay the same. So here’s a prediction about what the future holds for […]

“There are more than 100 different materials inside your average car. And they all smell like something.” I had no idea. A new car smells, well, like a new car. One composite scent and very particular, unless you opted for the leather option that is. It’s an odour that, if not exactly Proustian (and I […]

Poor quality puns aside, spotted this fabulous car accident repair centre, designed by Parallax in Australia: “Vintage car badges served as inspiration for a new identity that is at once completely contemporary without losing the company’s heritage.” It’s a really fantastic example of revitalising what’s clearly a pretty standard piece of garage architecture (the type […]

Are you sitting comfortably? You might need to be. Researchers at Durham and Lisbon Universities investigation’s into just how old our oldest fairy tales are, have used techniques usually reserved for biology to investigate storytelling’s origins. Following on from (albeit after quite a hiatus!) the origin of some of our words, tales such as Jack […]

When we talk about performance in business these days, you can be fairly sure that involves a workshop or, if you’re lucky, a team-building event involving something competitive and outdoors. In the US in the golden days of the Corporation, it was all a bit more serious than that. Or less serious, perhaps? Stumbled on […]

We’re in the process of refreshing our identity and our new card proofs just arrived… Rather pleased, it worked out well. More on the refresh as it happens.

Look at this. Argos. Wow. So, all you ‘premium’ retail aspirants, the bar just got a raise. Dalziel and Pow creates new Argos digital concept

How hard can it be? There’s bound to be an on-line resource to show me what to do, after all, there’s now ‘Canva’ (“a tool that makes design simple for everyone”) to do your ‘graphic design’ so I’ll have time on my hands… Not sure how this one slipped through, but given the massive growth […]