Ah, October, season of mellow missed meetings and fruit-less-ness.  Anyone that’s been around the block a bit will know that as sure as Spring/Summer trends predict Breton stripy tops, clients will gaze nonchalantly at gmail calendars and splutter ‘but we’ve 12 weeks’ to the booze-fuelled close down masquerading at a religious holiday – when it’s […]

Meda designed a revitalised head office for a leading automotive brand, resulting in a warm, welcoming set of spaces that facilitate hybrid working practices.

Yesterday, upon the stair,I met a man who wasn’t thereHe wasn’t there again todayI wish, I wish he’d go away… Antigonish [I met a man who wasn’t there] – Hughes Mearns Yesterday I didn’t write a post. I couldn’t find anywhere to even begin. Everything seemed to be ‘there’ but ‘not there’. Stories about things […]

Well, there’s a thing. A few articles up (the one about yellow) I made a rather tongue-in-check prediction about ‘next years colour’ and yesterday afternoon what drops into my inbox? “Colour of the Year 2023 – Wild Wonder’ Yep. Yellow. Well, yellow-ish – it’s a sort-of straw colour (or hue?) – but what the heck. […]

I have so little knowledge of how other industry’s work (like programming – proper coding, not playing with Webflow) it’s not surprising to sometimes happen on words or idioms that people in other work-spaces have as part of a wonderful alternative lexicon or jargon particular to it. By way of illustration, a word that came […]

Sparked by a post on a social media thread where you least likely find much that was meme-worthy*, @Rob Estreitinho had a nice graph illustrating the rise and fall of social sites ranked by the volume of the popular shortcut-to-the-heart-of-culture message, format, thing they emit. Knowing (well, hang on. Assuming) everyone knows what memes are, […]

Our job as communicators ordinarily demands we get to the point. Quick-snap. We’re paid to reward with clarity, supposedly because we possess some kind of second-sight that our commissioners lack (or pretend to. I know most of my clients are way smarter than me.) Leaving our audiences perplexed or confused? How’s that going to help […]

“Humanity makes headway by going in circles” You know that feeling, where you’ve been stuck in a project that just seems endless? The one with the file names that spiral into _final_FINAL_v23_081022_update.pdf Exhausting isn’t it? And more importantly, how on earth to you keep mentally attached – or better still, keep finding at ways to […]

Anyone who gets to work with brands, at the execution rather than origination-end of things, will know what a joy it can be to work within the strictures of The Guideline. They’re fun things, full of blowy intention and contorted neologisms fronting up a series of Rules about what you may and may not do […]

Well, we have a new leader over here in the United Kingdom. In what seems like only minutes ago, and the er, fourth (I think) we’ve had in ten years. The corporation running the county changes the CEO more frequently than a West Coast Startup. But it’s ok, because now we only ever need to live (or […]