“Pull out your prohibition apparel because Takayanagi is bringing back a cool new roadster you’ll be dying to get behind the wheel of”. Spirit of ’10. 1910, that is.

“The worlds largest rental car brand will be the first to offer electric vehicle rentals in major cities.” Connect by Hertz – Press Release.

“Audi debuted a concept electric car filling station at Design Miami. The building aims to provide a space where owners of electric vehicles can stop and spend time while their car recharges(which can take an hour). Inside, the filling station provides a host of amenities including a cafe and lounge. A menu of organic foods […]

“Through the development of Source London, we are seeking to create the fertile conditions for electric vehicles to flourish to make our city the electric driving capital of Europe.” Says Boris Johnson. So change arrives and ‘suddenly’ electric cars seem like more than just a good idea. Source London.

…good ideas, that is.“Big ideas are bigger than cars. Toyota has proved this time and time again by sharing our big inventions with the world outside of cars”. Toyota Ideas for Good.

Maybe too early to tell, but… electric cars coming of age? http://www.wired.com/

“Last month in Detroit, Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota executive vice president, said the company will introduce six new gasoline-electric hybrid models globally by the end of 2012.” Toyota Prius to expand into a brand with more varieties | freep.com | Detroit Free Press.