“Through the development of Source London, we are seeking to create the fertile conditions for electric vehicles to flourish to make our city the electric driving capital of Europe.” Says Boris Johnson. So change arrives and ‘suddenly’ electric cars seem like more than just a good idea. Source London.

…good ideas, that is.“Big ideas are bigger than cars. Toyota has proved this time and time again by sharing our big inventions with the world outside of cars”. Toyota Ideas for Good.

Maybe too early to tell, but… electric cars coming of age? http://www.wired.com/

“Last month in Detroit, Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota executive vice president, said the company will introduce six new gasoline-electric hybrid models globally by the end of 2012.” Toyota Prius to expand into a brand with more varieties | freep.com | Detroit Free Press.

“ECOtality North America will deploy nearly 15,000 charging stations in 16 cities located in six states (Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas) and the District of Columbia. Nissan North American and General Motors/Chevrolet are partners in The EV Project.” Suddenly (well, when the future finally arrives it always feels like that) EV turns the […]

Toyota wants to take energy monitoring a step further with the Smart Center, a system that links homes, vehicles, utilities, and users into an all-in-one energy management hub. Toyota’s All-In-One Energy Hub For Home And Car | Fast Company. But only in Japan. For now…

Nice step-up to the plate from the Gelly-owned brand, now really going places… Volvo Gets Clever: Body Panels as Batteries – Gas 2.0.

More motivating ways on convincing us to change to alt-power propulsion. The new Auris HSD. Get your energy back..

Green Car University :: Virtual College of Alternative Energy and Vehicles. Thanks for the link, Alan.

As the gas pump fades, a new infrastructure emerges for electric vehicles – SmartPlanet. “The whole reason why a restaurant or mall or movie theater would want one of these chargers is because it’s going to bring customers to them. These units show up on the Internet — they show up on Google Maps. There’s […]