Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on ownership prompted by Uber’s call from Tesla, comes this from Core77 on Ford’s Strange Take on Car Sharing The author Rain Noe’s observations are interestingly angled around what exactly is the experience strategy designed for a car owner (read ‘buyer’) who doesn’t actually own a car but […]

Range anxiety: the thorn in the side of electric vehicles and their proponents. Since entering the lexicon, this frustrating phrase has stubbornly remained there. Yes, EVs can meet the needs of many drivers, most of the time. But that’s a major obstacle to purchase if the ‘other times’ cause major inconvenience. It’s long been reckoned […]

Just as I’d got used to the idea that my car (if I had a smarter one, that is) could play nicely with my mobile, along comes a business that plugs it into the internet of everything else (well, nearly.) Automatic have figured out, given our cars now have more brains than we’d credit, they […]

Stuck in a phantom traffic jam? The next time you are caught in a warrantless, pointless, and spontaneous traffic jam, now you’ll know why. It’s the ‘jamitrons’ apparently. “…phantom jams are not the fault of individual drivers, but result instead from the collective behavior of all drivers on the road.” Drive carefully out there. Here’s […]