Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on ownership prompted by Uber’s call from Tesla, comes this from Core77 on Ford’s Strange Take on Car Sharing The author Rain Noe’s observations are interestingly angled around what exactly is the experience strategy designed for a car owner (read ‘buyer’) who doesn’t actually own a car but […]

Range anxiety: the thorn in the side of electric vehicles and their proponents. Since entering the lexicon, this frustrating phrase has stubbornly remained there. Yes, EVs can meet the needs of many drivers, most of the time. But that’s a major obstacle to purchase if the ‘other times’ cause major inconvenience. It’s long been reckoned […]

Just as I’d got used to the idea that my car (if I had a smarter one, that is) could play nicely with my mobile, along comes a business that plugs it into the internet of everything else (well, nearly.) Automatic have figured out, given our cars now have more brains than we’d credit, they […]

A notable feature of this year’s Geneva Motor Show was the proliferation of powertrain options. Plug-in petrol-electric hybrids, diesel-electric hybrids and plug-in diesel-electric hybrids joined ‘pure’ electric vehicles, cleaner diesels and the broadest-ever range of turbocharged petrol engines. Some manufacturers have even revised their naming conventions to reflect the abundance of engine and transmission types. […]

A shame it seems to clip the language of its proponents. A report on the 65th International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main, focusing on design philosophy among manufacturers, as some attempt to separate themselves from the “sensibly plain” with more and more niche product positioning. Great commentary from Thomas Wagner at Stylepark on the various design-mantra’s […]

Here’s a quick test for you. Have a read through these two paragraphs and have a guess at when they were written: “Let’s start with the good news: Advances in digitization, biotechnology and smart materials – each representing the convergence of multiple discrete technologies  – are increasing opportunities in a wide variety of industries. Major […]

Because there is one and we need to start facing the challenges it presents, especially  us drivers. Some of the alternatives are explored by David Biello in this article “Biofuel: Natural gas is shaking up the search for green gasoline” in the always excellent Nautilus. Helping to keep us mobile, new energy businesses comprising an […]