As Ford announced the FordPass, news also of their thinking on a more connected driving experience through physical retailing: “To bring together all FordPass services are FordHubs which transcend what we currently know as car dealerships. These establishments will feature the auto-maker’s latest innovations, mobility services and become a venue for exclusive events. The first […]

…on this car, please. Used to be that I thought vending a business card from a machine at motorway service stations was a (briefly distracting) novelty. But here’s the thing, what about coin-op for collecting your next car? The story here is rather more to do with fulfillment than show-rooming and sales – it’s intended […]

Is very much alive and well in neat work by photographer Freddy Fabris, setting a series of car mechanics as famous paintings. “A series of portraits of car mechanics in a repair shop, created with the look and feel of Renaissance paintings…” Here’s my favourite, based on The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt: Here’s the link […]

Artist Max Siedentopf pimps out strangers cars at night with cardboard and tape. For the project ‘slapdash supercars’, Siedentopf decks out ordinary cars with paper body fenders, hood scoops and spoilers: ‘Individuality, self-expression, and status are more important than ever these days. but for some reason you see that things as ordinary as cars are […]

Courtesy of Sophus3 comes a study of car brand websites looking at what content worked – and what didn’t – on a variety of devices. While things began well, with home pages appearing correctly on every device used for testing, the other findings may start alarm bells ringing. Of particular concern may be the finding […]

…well, it is now, courtesy of Dado Queiroz and his Massey Ferguson uppercase characters. “I was commissioned by Dez Comunicação in Brazil to create an upper case alphabet for Massey Ferguson, based on the shapes of Helvetica Neue—their corporate font—and using parts of their world-renowned products, such as tractors and pulverizers, taken out of photographs […]

*Ok, so it’s not a real headline, I made it up. But before you level accusations of click-bait tactics, looking at the way the conversations around connected cars are building, all that data they’ll generate is being hungrily eyed-up. It’s only a matter of time before someone sees beyond the hack-threat stories abounding and to […]

Google Auto was formed as a limited liability company in late 2011. Who knew? Not me at least, as the information came to light through an FOI request by the Guardian. Working in partnership with Roush, it might be that the smarts for bringing the tech-sector’s take on the (perhaps very specific type of) car […]

One of the many buildings that were abandoned wholesale in Cyprus, following the 1974 military coup and subsequent conflict, is a Toyota dealership, the showroom of which still contains a number of cars that are more than 40 years old yet have only delivery mileage on them. It was surprising to find, however, that dealerships […]

More hires from the auto industry over at Cupertino, this time from Fiat / Chrysler (but also the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Autonomous Systems Lab) all fueling speculation as to what the fruit-shaped brand is thinking about cars. It would appear that we’re not over our thing for cars. Car sales are up in […]