Hanging up on the wall in the office there are a whole bunch of stencils that interior designers and architects used to use daily when setting out plans on paper. There’s everything in these glorious little plastic worlds, from tables to toilets, plants, people, plumbing; everything you need to figure out what a space can […]

When I was young (and this was all fields, etc.), when I’d ask someone where they’d been, the reply was often ‘there and back to see how far it is’. Which usually meant, none of your business, nosey. It never really occurred to me what a strange turn of phrase it was – a kind […]

It’s often said, or at least I’ve heard, that, ‘well, everyone’s a designer’; the inference being everyone’s opinion is equally valid when it comes to really subjective stuff (like ‘design’.) But criticism is really important (as critical thinking and questioning the what of the how, etc.) and I’m not here to pick fights with points […]

Or “Why can’t we resist a pop narrative”? So before you ask (or hit the back button) – “solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind.” So, then, to a thought about the rise of the […]

Quite where the odd words spring from that kick off a thread is a mystery to me. The just tend to appear when I’m doing mindless chores or really late at night (in which case I need to write them down – in case I forget. It must have been important, why else would it […]

Today’s musing was spurred on from reading an article at the weekend by Alex Hern (here – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/jul/10/exit-the-internet-enter-the-metaverse-your-online-future-is-in-3d) reviewing a new book (an interesting choice of channel to publish through) by Matthew Ball – The Metaverse: How It Will Revolutionize Everything. You likely know by now I’m not a fanboy of the platform – I’d […]

Or, alternately, what folding can reveal. Unless you’ve been living under a metaphorical rock, (and I wouldn’t blame you, the atmosphere over here in the UK has been pretty febrile) the last few weeks have lead us to changing political horses again. Well, when I say ‘us’, in truth, not all of us.  Whichever leader […]

Arguably (well, I’d argue) there aren’t many things that should be closer to a designer’s (and especially a graphic designer’s) heart that an appreciation, verging on an obsession, of symbolism – or rather more specifically, symbols and their manifold meanings. The intention, covert or otherwise, of a deliberate inclusion of something symbolic within a form […]

I’m going to shuffle out on limb here, and take a moment to ask when exactly we decided everything – from a reception lobby to an exhibition to any old corner of a field at an outdoor event – needed to be an ‘immersive experience’? Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to see (and […]

Being of a certain age, I’m pretty sure the reason this phrase has stuck in my memory is that I’m only a generation away from the original audience for it. The poster, issued by The Board of Trade in the UK over 80 years ago, seems to be when it was first coined (or at […]