The saying, ‘written on the back of a stamp‘ often means either you know very little, or don’t have very much to say, on a subject. Or that you don’t have a great deal of space to exercise all the expressive qualities and messages you think you need. These self-initiated Basic Stamps by Duane Dalton […]

As screens become an increasingly important component of a car’s product-design and experience, here’s an excellent overview of the current state of play, where the interfaces and ux design are concerned. “With so many industries placing more value on design, specifically interface design, why does the automotive industry seem to have it all so wrong?”  […]

While the internet of things continues to raise our expectations of what our white goods could (and should) do, it’s also bringing with it a new opportunity to look at the interface of things. Here’s B&O’s latest offering, taking their cool, laid-back world of bare-minimalism and beautiful materials to a whole new place via the […]