Poor quality puns aside, spotted this fabulous car accident repair centre, designed by Parallax in Australia: “Vintage car badges served as inspiration for a new identity that is at once completely contemporary without losing the company’s heritage.” It’s a really fantastic example of revitalising what’s clearly a pretty standard piece of garage architecture (the type […]

So it’s goodbye Moto. Despite the position at the time the brand was sold to Lenovo (“It’s our treasure,” Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said after the deal. “We plan to not only protect the Motorola brand, but make it stronger.”), the parent company’s ditching the iconic name and identity. It’s quite a moment. Brands, especially […]

“Storytelling vs selling: It’s time to start selling stuff properly again” Happy New Year. Ok, let’s kick things off with a little pot-stirring in an article by Leslie de Chernatony, on last year’s marketing go-to, storytelling and its contribution to brand (or business) building. de Chernatony’s argument is bluntly that “For the past few years […]

…on this car, please. Used to be that I thought vending a business card from a machine at motorway service stations was a (briefly distracting) novelty. But here’s the thing, what about coin-op for collecting your next car? The story here is rather more to do with fulfillment than show-rooming and sales – it’s intended […]

Apologies for the rather tortured terminology (tip of the hat to Pearlfisher’s notion ‘The rise of premiumisation‘ – “bridging the gap between the desirability of the luxury world and the function and necessity of mass market products” – now also seen in Primark’s huge flagship store) but now coffee connoisseurs (coffoisseur?) can take their caffeine […]

Courtesy of Sophus3 comes a study of car brand websites looking at what content worked – and what didn’t – on a variety of devices. While things began well, with home pages appearing correctly on every device used for testing, the other findings may start alarm bells ringing. Of particular concern may be the finding […]

Google Auto was formed as a limited liability company in late 2011. Who knew? Not me at least, as the information came to light through an FOI request by the Guardian. Working in partnership with Roush, it might be that the smarts for bringing the tech-sector’s take on the (perhaps very specific type of) car […]

The last two decades have seen dramatic changes in the way that companies interact with consumers, with firstly the internet and latterly the proliferation of mobile devices exponentially increasing our ‘connected-ness’. The challenge to interact effectively via these multiple channels is not only big, but also necessary – for it’s clear that consumers are more […]

One of the many buildings that were abandoned wholesale in Cyprus, following the 1974 military coup and subsequent conflict, is a Toyota dealership, the showroom of which still contains a number of cars that are more than 40 years old yet have only delivery mileage on them. It was surprising to find, however, that dealerships […]

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on ownership prompted by Uber’s call from Tesla, comes this from Core77 on Ford’s Strange Take on Car Sharing The author Rain Noe’s observations are interestingly angled around what exactly is the experience strategy designed for a car owner (read ‘buyer’) who doesn’t actually own a car but […]