We’re in the process of refreshing our identity and our new card proofs just arrived… Rather pleased, it worked out well. More on the refresh as it happens.

…we’ve been using 23 words for something over 15,000 years. If you love language, the reason might well be that it’s more like our DNA, evolving with us and keeping hold of its own most useful – and usable – ingredients. In fact, judging from Mark Pagel’s work (an evolutionary biologist at Reading University, England), […]

My take on a noun – a person, place, thing, quality, or action – usual always brings a word to mind. The Noun Project http://thenounproject.com/ reminds us that our minds run with a visual language.  And now you’ll never want for those signage icons in a project…

Ok, so this isn’t strictly speaking something all that relevant, but when its’ more interesting than anything like a vacuum cleaner ever, well…   Never be annoyed by dustballs (or any kind of dust) again. Excellent. Dave Hakkens.

No, I didn’t recognise it either. What a positive change for the brand that launched a thousand coffee shops (per city). Seattle’s Best Coffee.

“Think you know what makes a logo suck? You certainly have no shortage of comments when you see it. It’s time to put theory to practice.” How Low Can Your Logo.

Likely to make you calmer or imply that you’re running out of time? Can’t help thinking this is more likely to induce a rage rather than calm you down. Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights by Thanva Tivawong » Yanko Design.

    Look what someone found in the antic. “…j’ai vraiment été étonné par leur liberté graphique et typographique” no less. Tres marvelous I’d say. iconomaque.

    Spotted by Ian, a great idea… Hand-painted graphics for hand-crafted bakery – production by Glyphics.

    Ever wondered, “how did they print that, then?”. Just me then – but in case you needed to know, here’s how… Graphics Atlas: Welcome.