Spotted on FastCo’s design magazine, here’s the thing: how do you design packaging to protect its contents without spending more money on expensive protective materials? The answer is… you don’t. You make use of an ingenious camouflage: No matter who was doing the shipping, too many of our bikes arrived looking like they’d been through […]

Apologies for the rather tortured terminology (tip of the hat to Pearlfisher’s notion ‘The rise of premiumisation‘ – “bridging the gap between the desirability of the luxury world and the function and necessity of mass market products” – now also seen in Primark’s huge flagship store) but now coffee connoisseurs (coffoisseur?) can take their caffeine […]

Is very much alive and well in neat work by photographer Freddy Fabris, setting a series of car mechanics as famous paintings. “A series of portraits of car mechanics in a repair shop, created with the look and feel of Renaissance paintings…” Here’s my favourite, based on The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt: Here’s the link […]

…well, it is now, courtesy of Dado Queiroz and his Massey Ferguson uppercase characters. “I was commissioned by Dez Comunicação in Brazil to create an upper case alphabet for Massey Ferguson, based on the shapes of Helvetica Neue—their corporate font—and using parts of their world-renowned products, such as tractors and pulverizers, taken out of photographs […]

Facebook’s ident has undergone a facelift, did you recognise it or spot the change? “When Facebook’s logo was first created in 2005, the company was just getting started and we wanted the logo to feel grown up and to be taken seriously. Now that we are established, we set out to modernize the logo to […]

The saying, ‘written on the back of a stamp‘ often means either you know very little, or don’t have very much to say, on a subject. Or that you don’t have a great deal of space to exercise all the expressive qualities and messages you think you need. These self-initiated Basic Stamps by Duane Dalton […]

…Used To Be Somebody.? Pretty wonderful film, far too poignant to be just about technology. From the work and blog of Rune Madsen and in a collaboration with Scott Wayne Indiana.

The BBC reported on the exchanges between Motorola’s president Rick Osterloh and Apple’s lead designer, Jonathan Ive, yesterday. In the spat, about Motorola’s ability to offer customisable mobile “design” (“Mr Osterloh {said} of the scheme: Our belief is that the end user should be directly involved in the process of designing products.”) Ive’s position is […]

While the internet of things continues to raise our expectations of what our white goods could (and should) do, it’s also bringing with it a new opportunity to look at the interface of things. Here’s B&O’s latest offering, taking their cool, laid-back world of bare-minimalism and beautiful materials to a whole new place via the […]

And all the best for 2014.