So, perhaps not exactly hot off the press, but having dropped by the Hyundai store at Stratford’s Westfield complex (worth a visit in it’s own right), here’s the thing. It really isn’t any surprise that the place is doing as well as reported, given the simplicity of what it delivers – a straightforward and strikingly […]

This is a simple re-post from the Bank of England Bank Underground blog, but well worth a read, especially given the recent reports about the UK economic prognosis for the next year. Question is, is a predominantly finance-driven new car sales culture going to sustain the dealership business model? If not, what are the alternatives? […]

In the mid-90’s, the established travel operator business was in turmoil, faced with increasingly challenging market conditions. While there was still much to be said for the comfort in leaving all the arrangements to the operator – and paying accordingly, either at a premium or at discount, depending on your taste for the familiar or […]

As Ford announced the FordPass, news also of their thinking on a more connected driving experience through physical retailing: “To bring together all FordPass services are FordHubs which transcend what we currently know as car dealerships. These establishments will feature the auto-maker’s latest innovations, mobility services and become a venue for exclusive events. The first […]

…not exactly. Volvo, if you need another test-driver, I’m free… Test Drive

*Ok, so it’s not a real headline, I made it up. But before you level accusations of click-bait tactics, looking at the way the conversations around connected cars are building, all that data they’ll generate is being hungrily eyed-up. It’s only a matter of time before someone sees beyond the hack-threat stories abounding and to […]

Dezeen flagged: Google’s self-driving car has made the shortlist of seventy+ projects under consideration for the London Design Museum’s annual awards. Not that that’s particularly interesting in its own right, but with continued speculation around another tech-giant’s plans for transport-orientated future products, what is interesting is to speculate on how the competitive landscape for automotive […]

“Fulton Innovation displayed its eCoupled charging device that was able to wirelessly power a Tesla Roadster electric car. The vehicle’s underbody was fitted with an adapter and once the car is parked over an eCoupled-enabled induction pad, the device starts to wirelessly charge it, with a smartphone app monitoring its charging status.” This is great […]

“Audi debuted a concept electric car filling station at Design Miami. The building aims to provide a space where owners of electric vehicles can stop and spend time while their car recharges(which can take an hour). Inside, the filling station provides a host of amenities including a cafe and lounge. A menu of organic foods […]

…good ideas, that is.“Big ideas are bigger than cars. Toyota has proved this time and time again by sharing our big inventions with the world outside of cars”. Toyota Ideas for Good.