A broadside from Phil Adams, regarding one agency’s contention that (c)ontent marketing is a young person’s game, according to JWT Singapore and so they’ve decided that the average age of the team will be 25. The notion that this type of activity needs people of a certain age was what enraged Phil, and rightly so, […]

Spotted these via Dezeen, “a playful survey of private residential projects by Mobile Studio Architects over the past five years” and they’re quite superb. The proposals are all handmade at 1:100 scale, elevated above a highly stylised map of London narrated via a series of annotations. Each project tells a personal story by pointing out […]

So, perhaps not exactly hot off the press, but having dropped by the Hyundai store at Stratford’s Westfield complex (worth a visit in it’s own right), here’s the thing. It really isn’t any surprise that the place is doing as well as reported, given the simplicity of what it delivers – a straightforward and strikingly […]

This is a simple re-post from the Bank of England Bank Underground blog, but well worth a read, especially given the recent reports about the UK economic prognosis for the next year. Question is, is a predominantly finance-driven new car sales culture going to sustain the dealership business model? If not, what are the alternatives? […]

This is really neat, and knowing Bangalore, such a welcome asset architecturally to a wonderfully eclectic cityscape. “Defined by its ethereal envelope, the dialysis center by cadence architects hopes to serve as a backdrop to its historical surroundings in Bangalore.” Cadence architect’s KYMF clinic in india

This is the ‘next 10 years’ plan from Musk. It’s actually a really enjoyable read. From a car company, it’s exceptional. Many could learn from being able to express their intention and ambition as well. Well, imo… Here’s the full (short) story… Oh, and the feature image? Ah, that’s just n artist’s impression of Tesla’s […]

Hospital Bosses Eat Hospital Food For A Week, Then Revamp Its Entire Food System… Here’s what happened.. “Every business executive should be forced to experience their business from a consumer perspective.”

Teams will compete to win a share of the Government’s Intelligent Mobility Fund and research and develop their driverless car schemes Source: Government pledges £30 million to driverless car competition – Design Week Design Week

Following Sainsbury’s acquisition of Argos, Ebay says it is open to putting pop-up or click and collect experiences within the supermarket’s 1,200-store estate. Source: Ebay could launch pop-ups in Sainsbury’s stores as it talks up the ‘power’ of physical retail | Marketing Week

and apologies in advance if you’re lunching… Thomas Nagel wrote (in “Birth, Death, and the Meaning of Life,”) a short thought experiment The Spider in the Urinal. Apparently he was inspired(?) by a episode in his life on visits to the bathroom at the institute where he was teaching and “noticed a sad little spider […]