First thing you do when you get into work is check your email, right? I know I do. Studio’s are no different from any other workspace or sector (as far as I can gather) with their digital-signal to noise ratio, but I’ve started to begin my day with anything in the junk folder – as […]

There’s been a bit of a run on yellow in packaging (at least to my eye), with Asda’s own brand ranges leading a hue (apologies) and cry for the bold use of sunshine colour. It left me wondering if this is trend we should be watching for (rather than just a flash in the pan)? […]

“Quick… and away from the point” Eudora Welty, 1933 Welty, writing to the New Yorker to ask to join the writing staff, captured in half a line how great writing should always transport you from what you think you know to whole other places.  Holding attention with just those few words was what (eventually) secured […]

You hear Louis Sullivan’s maxim (which has remarkable staying power, given it was coined in 1896) ‘form (ever) follows function’ trotted out whenever people are looking for a snappy means of attributing an elevated sense of design purpose (usually in products) to what they’re making. And it’s a neat rubric for a team when faced […]

“Why are we not better than we are?” ‘Frost in the Fields’ Eric Trethewey It’s often hard to see how to you can add something useful or valuable to a big project when all the Big Decisions have been made. Or that everyone else seems to have grabbed the limelight with Big Ideas. If you’ve […]

I spend a lot of time wadding through information. Expect you do too, but in the world of guideline design, – especially the sort of guidelines that helps people build actual buildings rather than just (just?) brands – there’s often huge dumps of detailed specifications, all of which needs unpicking as part of the story. […]

Nice to see a bit of applied algebra (which even I can understand. Absolutely rubbish at the maths thing) courtesy of one Dr James Hind, from Nottingham Trent University: T = 70 + 0.5E + 15F – 10S “is the code parents can use to crack the probability of backseat breakdowns.” To crack the answer […]

Round our way, which is quite a lot of countryside, there’s quite a lot of fly-tipping (which, if you’re not familiar with it, it the illegal dumping of rubbish.) Basically ‘people’ rock up in cars or vans and push their unwanted’s in the hedge or wood or field entrance, usually because they can’t be a̶r̶s̶e̶d̶ […]

Some days I get to work from home. It’s not often or to a regular pattern, but one thing I have noticed is that the ‘distraction-pull’ is no greater or less than being in the office – which appears (from reading other’s observations about WFH) somewhat odd. After all, home is where all the important […]

Just finished reading Robert Macfarlane’s amazing ‘Underlines’, which aside from containing mesmerising stories about his explorations, contains some amazing observations, one of which really struck out; an observation on the detachment digital living scores – “Where everything is within reach and nothing within touch.” Admittedly my outdoor adventures have been pretty limited of late (although […]