On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your satisfaction with surveys? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend these surveys to any of your friends? If you answered less than 5 please say why. Feedback is important. It can help us understand when […]

A few days ago my young nephew came to visit and we spent some time with his Raspberry Pi – the credit card-sized single-board computer that helps teach programming, especially to children. Following a sudden wave of nostalgia, I suggested that we create a game based on the arcade (and, later, home console) classic Frogger. […]

Courtesy of Sophus3 comes a study of car brand websites looking at what content worked – and what didn’t – on a variety of devices. While things began well, with home pages appearing correctly on every device used for testing, the other findings may start alarm bells ringing. Of particular concern may be the finding […]

The last two decades have seen dramatic changes in the way that companies interact with consumers, with firstly the internet and latterly the proliferation of mobile devices exponentially increasing our ‘connected-ness’. The challenge to interact effectively via these multiple channels is not only big, but also necessary – for it’s clear that consumers are more […]

One of the many buildings that were abandoned wholesale in Cyprus, following the 1974 military coup and subsequent conflict, is a Toyota dealership, the showroom of which still contains a number of cars that are more than 40 years old yet have only delivery mileage on them. It was surprising to find, however, that dealerships […]

The UK’s consumer watchdog found this week that the 25 million people in the UK who regularly use the internet to find deals and research where to stay and what to buy are regularly being misled by fake reviews. The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) says it has discovered a booming ‘clandestine’ market, with some […]

Range anxiety: the thorn in the side of electric vehicles and their proponents. Since entering the lexicon, this frustrating phrase has stubbornly remained there. Yes, EVs can meet the needs of many drivers, most of the time. But that’s a major obstacle to purchase if the ‘other times’ cause major inconvenience. It’s long been reckoned […]

A notable feature of this year’s Geneva Motor Show was the proliferation of powertrain options. Plug-in petrol-electric hybrids, diesel-electric hybrids and plug-in diesel-electric hybrids joined ‘pure’ electric vehicles, cleaner diesels and the broadest-ever range of turbocharged petrol engines. Some manufacturers have even revised their naming conventions to reflect the abundance of engine and transmission types. […]

This diagram shows the routes that customers would likely take in an imaginary yet fairly typical dealership, together with the ‘hotspots’ that result. Just looking at this relatively small field of play demonstrates the difficulty of answering the question: What does a customer’s journey look like? Some would say this diagram indicates a problem. We’d […]

From test drive to test ride and beyond, driverless cars could revolutionise how consumers buy and own as well as how they travel. The UK government has just announced that ‘real world’ tests of driverless cars can begin immediately on British roads – part of its aim to see the country become a world leader […]