Had a nice trip in London yesterday for a project meeting (an amazing collaboration with a team developing a workwear wardrobe for a famous brand) and as always, to pick up a carrier-bag of the latest magazines covering the design world. 

And oh boy, are the newsstands a busy place for titles clamouring for your attention. Every time I look there seems to a sheaf of new mastheads but there, sitting quietly amount the shouty new titles, the perennial and majestic WoI 

This particular journal of all things decorative was brought to my attention waaayyyy back in 1986 but then it was too expensive (for a student) to buy – but we still have March 1988’s copy on the bookshelf at home. 

And if you needed proof that some things transcend trends, here’s that next to this month’s edition. Bit wider and plumper (as am I, 34 years on) but still recognisably a comforting, familiar face. 

Even one of the advertisers (didn’t call them brands back in the days of C90 cassettes) is still keeping the faith. Good on you Colefax & Fowler!

I guess what this reminded me is that sometimes if you find your groove, it can really carry you. 

Thinking back about the rubbish I’ve churned out over the years chasing fads and fashions, and here’s WoI, keeping on doing what it’s always done best. 

See? Sometimes the more things change, the more some stay the same.

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