As a business that works in the automotive sector, the current fuel storm / crisis / drama seems like something we should have a view on.
We work with manufacturers who are all moving towards total E.V. product lines after all.
And while that’s laudable, it is only so long as some of those same brands stick to the promises they’re currently making, around the sustainable sourcing and re-sourcing of the rare earth metals and minerals they need to drive their product plans.

Unfortunately in this instance, the E.V. future can’t come to the rescue of the present.

And neither should we expect it too, because this crisis is just one spiky tip of a much bigger issue.
It’s not the fuel (or E. V. cars or toilet roll) that’s really in short supply.
It’s trust.
Trust in one another.
You see, if we can’t trust one another (to help, to give way, to not hoard) then these kind of situations quickly spiral out of control, ending up with fights on the forecourts. Scuffles by the shelves.
And in a way, we shouldn’t really be all that surprised by where we are at the moment.
We’ve been let down so often, by so many in power or positions of power – from politicians, from our peers, from the press, from brands – that it really shouldn’t be shocking when there’s a rush for the pump at the faintest whiff of a petrol problem.
Which is why we all need to work harder to earn, keep and keep building trust.
Sticking to the things we’ve promised we’ll do.
Saying when we can’t and why.
Owning up to and owning that.
And then making a plan that fits the new circumstances and take the time to explain why.

Clearly this isn’t going to help fix things right now, but it certainly can’t make things worse for the future – to the choices you offer and decisions we all need to make, in how we power our cars, stores, homes.

Otherwise what we can expect is more of the same, which I’m not sure any of us really want.

Trust me.

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