Reads like your grocery shopping list, right?
But all these ingredients are currently just as likely to end up on your feet as in your mouth.
In the time we’ve all been away from the office, the shoe business – and especially at the comfier end of the sneaker market – have been busy in their own development kitchens, reimagining how to use a range of natural ingredients (many of them edible) to make more sustainable products.
The materials swerve – from oil-based forever chemicals and disaster-capitalism, to more ethical and sustainable product production and to try and tackle post-waste anxiety – isn’t coming just from cutting edge developers and start-ups like So iLL and ZenRunning, but the big guns like H&M and Nike.
And while bamboo and algae might not be in your fridge right now, these are just two more new materials making their way off the dinner plate and onto your plates of meat (apologies, Cockney rhyming slang for ‘feet’ if you didn’t catch that.)
Sometimes the inspiration for what you make something with next might be right under your nose (and on the end of your fork.)

So before you reach for the usual sample box or swatch chart, have a look in a few other cupboards and see what better choices there are for the material world.

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