At Meda we’re always thinking about how we can help brands to deliver better retail experiences – and with substantial amounts being invested in new and refurbished facilities, we increasingly ask: will the returns support these investments, and is scale a requirement for delivering great experiences?

Our thoughts on those questions, and why we take a different approach, are included in the latest edition of our ‘Build’ newspaper; to get one delivered, pop us a mail by clicking here (don’t worry, we’ll keep your details to ourselves).


Understanding what role your retailers will play in the future demands very particular insight – and ours comes from within and from outside the industry, linked to a unique understanding gained from many years of experience. It leads us to ask pertinent questions and provide solutions that help create a better future.

Our Build team is here to ensure that when you’re creating the facilities you need, you maximise the impact for your customers; we align your places, your processes, your people and your messages in the most powerful way – so that everyone wins.

While you’re waiting for your newspaper to arrive, you can find out a little more about our architecture and project management activities by clicking here.

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