November 18, 2016

More than screen deep?

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 08.22.42.png Zelf Koelman is busy inventing the future of material interactions, or as he captures it, a place “Where digital meets nature”.

What does that mean? A series of rolling experiments where art meets tech meets material science meets interaction.

The result, in this instance, is called Ferrolic – which I guess is a compound of ‘ferrous-clock-frolic’(?) as the ferrous material’s playful anti-pixels in this instance tell us the time. Or, as Zelf puts if far more eloquently:

“(the) unique dynamics are the visual result of the black fluid continiously finding balance between “gravity”, “magnetic fields” and its own “van de Waals” forces.”

The strangeness of these seemingly ‘living’ pixels is intriguing as three-dimensional space they occupy is more than screen deep, perhaps offering possibilities for new types of deeper digital interfaces – would be amazing to see this applied to shop windows or building surfaces.

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