June 20, 2016

Who lives here?

News from designboom of buratti architetti’s work for Alfa Romeo in Milan, leading on the connection between a new car showroom and the museum collection (via an arresting-looking red lift shaft) of the dealership’s owners,  Cozzi


While there’s a interesting interior design story here, what’s perhaps more intriguing is the exterior. Considering the usual approach to dealership facades, driven by the need to badge the building (or sometimes building around a badge),  Fratelli Cozzi have opted to let the architecture do the attracting: with barely a badge on view:


While there are (very) small concessions to what’s in store:


What Cozzi have (unintentionally, perhaps?) delivered is a thought-provoking take on the future direction for automotive retail formats, where the distributor takes centre-stage over the products (much as other sectors do, for example our showroom for Minoli Tiles):


Perhaps in a few decades they’ll be featuring an Alfa Romeo dealership in the museum…

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