…would you? Or do you use what your device shipped with? Or, do you never even think about it (because, frankly, of all the things I need to worry about today… well).

However, like all the things we surround ourselves with to project who we believe we are, “it turns out the browser you use determines job performance, commitment and innovative thinking.”

Adam Grant (Wharton Professor of Management, Professor of Psychology)  makes the case:

“There’s good evidence Firefox and Chrome users significantly outperform Internet Explorer and Safari Users. They also stay in their jobs 15% longer. Why? It’s not a technical advantage. The four browser groups on average have similar typing speed, and they also have similar levels of computer knowledge. It’s about how you got the browser. Because if you use Internet Explorer or Safari, those came pre-installed on your computer and you accepted the default option that was handed to you. If you wanted Firefox or Chrome you had to doubt the default and ask; is there a different option out there? and then be a little resourceful and download a new browser.”

And as Dave Ansett neat states “Choice of browser indicates your propensity to look at something you’ve seen many times before, and all of a sudden you see it with fresh eyes – a key attribute of original thinkers.”

I’ll stop moaning about Firefox now.

Here’s where I caught up with the story…

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