April 5, 2016

Look, no plugs?

Are we (finally) about to see the end of the hides, masks and various disguises for trailing wires and extension leads that have tethered auto retailers to the power sockets?

US Oak Ridge Labs released they have achieved “wireless EV charging as effective as routine plug-in options”.

They write “a 20kW wireless charging system that is 90% efficient at three times the rate of plug-in chargers routinely used for electric vehicles today…” and while the tech is aimed at providing motive power on the go, the possibilities for this on the dealership showroom floor are even more interesting. Finally a solution to every automotive brand’s wishlist for iPads (other tablets are, of course, available) as part of the digital display?

So floor system manu’s, when’s the built-in charger tile due?

Here’s the short film


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