Short-circuiting all the usual monologues about the roles brands play in our lives, this installation in the Midlands, UK, takes a sideways look at how we shop:

In the shop, some 500 items have been repackaged with new branding developed in workshops with members of the local community: schoolchildren, mental health service users, people with addictions, and so on

Brand News, has been “commission by Loughborough University via arts programming body Radar. This takeover is an early part of a four-month strand of contemporary art events brought together with the thematic title Market Town.”

The aim here is a gentle (and rather British) unsettling, a challenge the way we routinely run our decision-making on autopilot rather than a full-on Adbusters-style counterblast against brands and branding.

The result’s a fun hijacking of a very familiar shelfscape. Here’s the full story…

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