January 11, 2016

What a performance…

When we talk about performance in business these days, you can be fairly sure that involves a workshop or, if you’re lucky, a team-building event involving something competitive and outdoors.

In the US in the golden days of the Corporation, it was all a bit more serious than that. Or less serious, perhaps?

Stumbled on this on Laphams, a series of ‘musicals written and performed at corporate conventions’, for American corporations that seems to have been a brief trend in the 1960’s.

Must have resulted in some mixed reviews, given the c.10 year run and the fact I’ve not heard of the like before – certainly don’t remember reading about anything like this in the last 20-odd years.

My favourite? The very last, from GE Silicon Products Department, featuring the immortal lines:

“When you’ve got a problem, think silicones
When you’ve got a question, think silicones
Because you see silicones by GE are unquestionably
The answer.”

I couldn’t place a tune to hum this little ditty to, but now we have no excuse to miss the hit from the show. Because Steve Young uploaded it for us all.

Can’t think about internal communications in quite the same way.

Now, where’s my baton?

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