Ask what will help make business a success this year, and the answer will pretty much be, ‘Well, that depends…’ followed by a list of mostly external factors, dependencies that are often beyond your direct control.

And the list of the ‘that depends on’s…’ is harder to read when the economic trade-winds seem to be blowing in all directions.

It was pretty clear in the news feeds from markets open at the start of the year, things on several fronts we’re likely to create turbulence; from the strength of the pound and the price of commodities; continued challenges in the BRIC’s; and notwithstanding the possible summer vote here on our EU membership.

But one thing that you should depend on – and must – is the clarity you bring to setting out what you do, why it’s different / better / more or less expensive and how all kinds of audiences can identify with that.

What they depend on is understanding what “to rely (on): to place trust (in)”

When you’re faced with a raft of uncertainties, it’s a really good time to address what you used to be sure of – the idea that started the business on its path – and where that idea or ideas might take you in future.

Honing in on that won’t guarantee success but it will do one important thing.

Sharpening up or re-confirming what made your business makes for clearer messages, so when you need to tell your story clearly and powerfully you can – or sell the socks of it.

Don’t make a lack of clarity over what shapes your business the thing that makes your customers think ‘them? Hmm, that depends…’

Don’t think you own business’ dependencies matter?
Here’s a diverting story from by Adee Braun from Laphams Quarterly – ‘Her Majesty’s Rat-Catcher’ – to show you otherwise.

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