September 8, 2015

Only disconnect?

The pain of trying to align strategies from the digital domain into real estate continues to preoccupy automotive brand owners, doubly compounded with demands at both a product and dealership level.

With apologies to TU Automotive, who have been busy providing plenty of good guidance and help in the space, here’s a screen grab of a regular email bulletin. Great lead-in, clear CTA, simple click-through to the article and peace of mind (or at least hopefully some good ideas and pointers).

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 09.15.55

Unfortunately – and yes, it’s a problem we’ve all suffered from – there’s a problem with the server. Rather more unfortunately the headline promising me connection to the chaos was right on the money.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 09.25.24

The reason for writing this wasn’t a cheap shot at the sender and their IT (I’ve no vested interest but I am a fan of their platform and aims) but rather to illustrate how a customer experience can go wrong when wrestling with the challenges of an all too human artificial intelligence. The lesson here for me was that, as with any over-reliance or leaning towards one dimension of a business’ operations, things will go wrong and turn customers off if there’s no fail-safe.

And the answer to avoiding the chaos of connectivity? Make sure more there’s more than one point of connection.

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