Whenever you try and challenge – or change – what people do, you’re always checked to a certain extent by the fact that, most of the time, it’s hard to make it ‘personal’, and stick.

Without the means to help each of us understand that what we do, individually, is where change has to start is always hard, especially when faced with ‘Well, everyone else has to change, otherwise what’s the point?”

So you have two options, really. You can try and show, in a good way (preferably, by reward or positive recognition) what one person’s change would result in. Or a not so good approach, calling it – or them – out.

Around where I live, the local authority have been picking up all the c**p that drivers chuck out of their cars. It’s country lanes, so you really notice the mess (or lack of it afterwards, it’s really striking) but I guess that the litter-bugs don’t plan on getting seen, or taken to task – they’re in the country-side, maybe nature will clear it up.

So, ok, a bit of litter – on the scale of global issues – isn’t really something to get all hot and bothered about. Unless you live in a city and it sometimes it’s not pretty…

Here’s Hong Kong’s challenge with rubbish, calling it out in a campaign to make us. You. Me, think about making a small, simple change – dropping the mess in the bin next time.

Maybe it’s a bit far-fetched as an approach, but still… Ouch.

Here’s the full story

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