So the search-engine-to-internet-of-things brand lands on the high street in physical form from here on in, with a concession (both a shop-in-shop and as a nod to the high-street’s value, perhaps?) in PC World.

“We think it’s a genuinely unique try-before-you-buy experience.” says Google’s James Elias. Which is funny, because that’s what I thought ‘shops’ were. While the pace of technological change is rapid, as he cites, buying stuff is still about understanding what things do and how they fit into your life. To make those judgements, ‘trying’ before ‘buying’ might be a little old-school but if you really need a “totally seamless online life” then you really need a totally seamless offline one as well, as Google seems to be acknowledging.

Here’s the press release – Google opens world-first shopping experience in London | Dixons Carphone.

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