…goes the headline in a polemic by Roger Lanctot against the tech-market brands threatening noises toward the automotive sector. But will ‘just because someone already does’, stop them?

It’s a rallying cry from within the industry (and Mr Lanctot’s not disinterested party – http://www.strategyanalytics.com/default.aspx?mod=biography&a0=2237) that the barriers to entry are so high as to make all but launching headlines a practical reality.

Perhaps the point is that Apple, et al. won’t need to make cars (they don’t make semi-conductors, or much of anything you’d consider a ‘drivetrain’) but they may still come to embody ‘ownership’ (in whichever of the many forms that might take in future) through the interfaces we use to access and control cars. And if ‘possession’ is nine-tenths of the law of ownership, then whoever appears to own the ‘delivery’ of the experience – at that could be as much interface and internal combustion engines – will be the customer’s brand of choice.

Here’s the article – Apple Won’t Make a Car (Toyota Already Does).

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