Dezeen flagged: Google’s self-driving car has made the shortlist of seventy+ projects under consideration for the London Design Museum’s annual awards. Not that that’s particularly interesting in its own right, but with continued speculation around another tech-giant’s plans for transport-orientated future products, what is interesting is to speculate on how the competitive landscape for automotive household names will shape-up in the next decade.

Is it possible that what we currently consider as our choice for automotive brands, might well be up for a shakedown? What does the entry into the market of tech-brands mean for the buying and ownership experience? How are they going to market them? Sell them? Distribute them?

Or will the new guard represent an alternative (as ‘screen’ and ‘print’ now {reasonably} happily cohabit), not replacing but adding a new transport layer – one based not on ‘ownership’ but rather on ‘usage’? Perhaps it’s the public-transport sector that needs to get off its haunches…

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