This diagram shows the routes that customers would likely take in an imaginary yet fairly typical dealership, together with the ‘hotspots’ that result. Just looking at this relatively small field of play demonstrates the difficulty of answering the question: What does a customer’s journey look like?

Some would say this diagram indicates a problem. We’d say it highlights opportunities. The hotspots may be desirable – presenting opportunities to interact with, and win over, customers. Or they may be undesirable – meaning that there are opportunities to work out how this space could work more efficiently.

Alternatively, this diagram could represent an opportunity to ask some profound questions, such as “Is this really the best way/place to interact with our customer?” or “Is this stage of the ‘customer journey’ even necessary?”

We’re experts at identifying where and how brands interact with customers – whether it’s in-store, online or off-piste. Because where others see squiggly lines and problems, we’re already seeing with clarity how your customer’s journey with you can be longer-lasting more rewarding for you both.

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