September 18, 2013

Design gives you wings?


A shame it seems to clip the language of its proponents.

A report on the 65th International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main, focusing on design philosophy among manufacturers, as some attempt to separate themselves from the “sensibly plain” with more and more niche product positioning.

Great commentary from Thomas Wagner at Stylepark on the various design-mantra’s of brands’ designers, wrestling with language to try to define a point of difference. Trying and mostly failing.

Nothing much wrong with the ambition to capture the spirit of the brands’ product form, but some take  the biscuit: “…the bipolarity of intelligence and emotion, rooted in the Mercedes-Benz brand philosophy, is taken up in vehicle development and given different accents”…

I’m not entirely sure what that means, or more critically, what experience a bipolar brand might deliver. But perhaps I already have, judging from my dealer visits.

Here’s the link to the article…

Pegasus with branded grille

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