September 8, 2010

Over here!

Looking over the experience horizon.

What are you doing at the boundary of you and your customers, to deliver a better experience?

The line between you and your customers is a liminal one, hazy at the best of times and a horizon that either side can struggle to see over…
Pinning down what happens there (good and bad) is a bit like assuming it’s simply a place at which the sky and Earth (or you and your customers) appear to meet. Appear to meet – it’s more often a boundary, things over that horizon can’t be seen and so have no effect.
In such cases, poorly thought-through or badly implemented plans simply have no impact – your for your customer, the horizon is always some distance off. And may not be worth the travel.

So, how do bring the horizon closer? By applying the pressure in the right places to bring the lines between ‘horizon’ and ‘interaction’ closer.

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